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Domestic Cleaning


With our dedicated, trained, trustworthy, reliable staff we can always help with any of your cleaning needs! Domestic & commercial service available

Choose between our flexible hourly services from just £10.50 or our amazing fixed packages:

Our Packages

Our pack prices are based on a whole house, NOT per hour Happy

Light Package From:£15.50

*Dusting, Wiping & general tidy
*Tables, Shelving
*Kitchen sides/Worktops
*Bathrooms fully cleaned
*Full hoover & Mop

Living Package *Most popular From:£29.50

*Dusting, Wiping & General tidy
*Tables, Shelving & All furniture
*All kitchen tops/sides & Frontages
*Doors, Frames, Skirting & Windowsills
*Bathroom's fully cleaned
*Full hoover & Mop
*Mirrors, Pictures & Wall hangings
*Lighting shades wipe/dust

Deep Clean/Tenancy Clean Package From:£39.50

*Dusting, Wiping & General tidy
*Tables, Shelving & All furniture
*Full kitchen, Tops/Sides, Frontages, Inside empty cupboards
*Doors, Frames, Skirting boards Wiped
*Windows & Sills
*Full bathroom's
*Full hoover & Mop
*Mirrors, Pictures & Wall hangings
*Frontage of appliances (exc cookers)
*Light switches & Shades
*Porches, Conservatories, Offices & Storage Spaces will be a small extra cost

Other Services

*Single Oven
*Single Oven with grill
*Double Oven/Range
*Electric or Gas hob
*Pull-out & Behind clean on appliances
*Ironing (per bag load)
*Curtain & Blind Steaming
*Rug Steaming
*Flat pack building

Simply MESSAGE OR COMMENT to see how we can help you.

Available from 9am till 9pm Everyday! Discounts available for regular booking's & Estate agents and O.A.P's


After pets cleaning manchester

After Pets Cleaning Manchester

We love our pets and we treat them like humans. We nurture them with care and provide their needs. However, we should also take time to clean their traces to avoid any infestation problem that may arise in the whole household.

It may be hard to manage our times sometimes. We do not have enough time to do chores at home. One of the chores that should be done is cleaning traces of our pets. There are residues that may be left especially on the sofa surfaces that may cause health condition.

If we find it hard to clean those residues, we can seek for an assistance from After Pets Cleaning Manchester. They provided services like after dogs cleaning and after cats cleaning.

Cleaners used treatments to ensure that dusts are completely removed, as well as allergens and most especially dust mites. Those are infectious and hazardous to health.

They used insecticide to prevent the spread or existence of moths, fleas and ticks that mostly go deeper in the carpet floors.

Care for the property is very important, too. This is why there is an end of tenancy cleaning to ensure that areas in the home are totally clean. This is less hassle for you because someone will take care everything for you.

They are well-trained to use tools and equipment for easy and fast cleaning. They can even steam carpets, do thorough cleaning of different appliances and furniture and all rooms are tidied. They do this with excellence and professionalism.



After party cleaning

We are happy to add a new service to our range of professional cleaning services with the addition of an after Party Cleaning Service.
Whether it be a family get together or a large corporate event, our friendly reliable staff will take the hard work away from you.
We will remove all rubbish, dust and clean, shampoo and clean carpets and clean all hard floors. Your home or office will be cleaned at an affordable and competitive price.
Our professional cleaners are familiar with party mess removal and our cleaning specialists are able to give you a helping hand hence providing you with relief and rest after your party, family or company celebration.
Let us do the after party clean for you, getting your home or premises back to their original condition.
The minimum time for this after party cleaning service is 4 hours and customers can choose to provide all their own cleaning materials, equipment and products or we are more than happy to supply everything at a small additional cost.
Let us at Cleaning Manchester help you and we guarantee you will be happy with the results.
Prices start from £9 per hour per cleaner.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction with all our carpet and upholstery cleaning services and are confident in our ability to provide you with a high quality service and paying particular attention to detail.
For a quotation and to discuss your carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements, please contact us today.