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car upholstery cleaning

Car upholstery cleaning

Our car interior cleaning service is one of our most specialist services. The equipment and chemicals that we use are the same as we use to clean upholstery in your home and you will not be left with car seats and carpets that take two days to dry but will be dry in couple of hours.
We find customers who use our upholstery cleaning service in their homes are also delighted with the results achieved on their cars as well.
We are able to clean most types of car seat materials including Fabric, Leather and Alcantara.
As we use same equipment and chemicals we would use to clean your upholstery and carpets at home the results are far superior to those achieved by most car valeting companies and the drying time is greatly reduced.
What Car Interior Parts can we clean?
-              Seats
-              Cloth / Fabric Door Cards
-              Carpets / Mats
These services can be carried out at your home in most cases but your vehicle will need to be parked off road either on a driveway or similar.
If you are selling your vehicle you will be amazed how different your seats, carpets will look and smell completely different and prospective buyers will not be put off by dirty stained seats and carpets.
As with all cleaning services there are some stains that cannot be removed due to varying reasons.
In most cases we will advise you beforehand if in our professional experience a particular stain or mark cannot be removed.